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8 Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets


When I watch fiction movies about the future, I am just amazed at all the brilliant futuristic devices and appliances that are shown there. But I was even more surprised to find out that some of them already exist in real life. Here is the selection of 8 most brilliant kitchen gadgets ever made with prices and sites for ordering:

1. FOODsniffer
food sniffer device for checking meat freshness
FOODsniffer — an innovative electronic ‘e-nose’ which enables users to determine the quality, freshness of beef, pork, poultry and fish. The user simply directs it towards the food product and clicks a button.The device uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data to the user’s smartphone or tablet, which displays a detailed results with recommendations regarding the safety of the product.

Price: $120 — for USA/EU countries ($135 — for all other countries);
Site: http://www.getfoodsniffer.com

2.Vision Toaster
see-through toaster, vision toaster
The world’s first see-through toaster with visual control. Simple to use, with automatic self centering, reheat and defrost buttons. For toast, just the way you like it.

Price: $129,99
Site: http://www.magimix.com

3. Somabar Drinks Mixer
somabar drinks mixer
Somabar cocktail machine
Making a craft cocktail has never been easier! The Somabar is a cocktail machine that can create 300 different varieties of beverage. It is controlled by a smartphone app which allows users to choose from a pre-made drinks menu, or customize their cocktail to suit their own tastes. Each cocktail takes just five seconds to mix. Become your own bartender!

Price: $429
Site: http://www.somabarkickstarter.com

4. D-BROS Mirrored Teacups and Saucers
D_BROS, the Japanese home products designer, has created the Waltz reflective cup and saucer duo in which a cleverly mirrored teacup literally reflects the colorful pattern of the accompanying plate. The vivid colors on the saucer are reflected off the cup, producing the illusion that the cup too bears the same pattern. But when the cup is lifted off the saucer its true colors are revealed. Made from Hasami porcelain, a specialty from the Hakata region, each cup is handmade by skilled artisans who ensure that the surfaces are completely even. After all, even the slightest scratch would create distortions throughout the reflection.

Price: ¥7,560 (app. $63)

5. Wacaco Pocket Size Espresso Machine
wacaco mini espresso machine
wacaco pocket espresso machine
The coffee machine that fits into your pocket: hand-powered portable espresso maker makes hot drinks instantly. Minipresso relies on a user pumping it to brew coffee to their liking. It uses coffee grounds or capsules. It is less than 10 inches (26cm) tall and has a built-in cup. The machine is available for pre-ordering from Hong Kong.

Price: $39
Site: http://www.wacaco.com

6. Compleat FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

flexible foodskin lunchbox
A flexible lunchbox designed by Unikia that expands to hold your meal, isn’t it cool? You can perfectly assemble a sandwich and keep it inside this unit without having to worry it falls into pieces when you take it out for lunch. The magic material is the highly elastic silicone skin, it is able to accommodate your food and hold them together until you are ready to eat them. Once you’re done, it becomes completely flat and you can easily slip it into your bag. 100% BPA and dishwasher safe.

Price: $31.20
Site: http://unikia.com/foodskin.html

7. Sanitizing Light Wand
Sanitizing Light Wand
This sanitizing wand is like a magic stick for your home. It works based on fluorescent lighting and its purifying system kills 99.9% germs, bacteria and viruses, keeping your home healthy and clean. Simply hover the wand over the surface for about 10 seconds and voila, the germs, bacteria, and other allergens are destroyed.

Price: $207
Site: http://www.purelivinguvc.com

8. Muki Coffee Mug with Screen
Muki smart mug with screen
Just fill your mug with hot coffee and it will display your favourite photo on its e-paper screen. The best part is that you can upload any images from your smartphone, or pull them from Facebook or Instagram. Assuming the coffee is hot enough to continue powering the display, the user can continue to swap out images while sitting in the office or at a local coffee shop.This smart mug is developed in a partnership between Finnish coffee roaster Paulig and the TBWA\Helsinki advertising agency. At the moment, the Muki mug isn’t available for public purchase yet, only for pre-ordering.

Price: between $50-$75
Site: http://www.paulig.fi