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Black and Yellow Inspiration

Cute Animals

golden finch

Black and yellow is probably one of the most inspiring and powerful color combinations found in nature.

Yellow is associated in my mind with the bright sunshine and cheerfulness, and some black spots add elegance and excite my mind and spirit. These color duo definitely attracts attention and in nature  yellow and black may warn us of its  danger (if it is an insect) or perhaps attract us to its beauty (if it’s a butterfly).

I tried to collect some images of black-and-yellow nature’s world and would like to share some of my findings with you. I believe this will justify my love of Black and Yellow :)

yellow snake


American Goldfinch

French angelfish

peacock yellow

yellow birds

Black cat with yellow eyes

Monarch on Sunflower

Magnolia Warbler


yellow and black fish

male bare faced curassow

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Cute Animals