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Chic Clothes For Your Pets

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Trenchcoat Cat

Don’t our pets deserve some designer clothing, like one-of-a-kind coat, sweater or tuxedo?

I believe they do ;) . Here are some of the best designer clothing items which will make your cat or dog feel more comfortable while having a walk during the rainy day or enjoying the cool morning by the sea.  I guess these tailored outfits will make the perfect addition to your pets’ wardrobe and set both of you apart from the masses.

Check bellow the gallery and feel free to share what outfit is your favourite one?

Hoodie for your dog: why shouldn’t your dog have a hoodie he can call his own? hoddie for your dog

Red zipper, Kangaroo pocket and an opening for a leash clasp on the back are icnluded Dog zip hoddie

Charlie’s Sunday Coat Charlie's Sunday Coat

French Bulldog French Bulldog

Ralph Lauren Dog Polo Shirt Ralph Lauren Dog Polo Shirt

Doggy Rain Coat: great water proof jacket for all seasons doggy rain coat

Westerly Trench by Rover Westerly Trench by Rover

Rocky and Adidas Rocky and Adidas

The Rover Bow Tie and Shirt: perfect for casual weekends The Rover Bow Tie and Shirt

Grey Knit Puppy Sweater Grey Knit Puppy Sweater

Green Eyed Cat Beanie Green eyed cat beanie

Grey Speckled Wool City Coat Grey Speckled Wool City Coat

Lil Sheep Pet Costume Lil Sheep Pet Costume

Dog Dragon Hoodie Dog dragon hoodie

Outdoor Overalls by Hurtta Outdoor Overalls by Hurtta

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Cute Animals