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Color My World


colourful eye

I don’t imagine my life without colors. I’ve used to them so much that I usually take the colorful world for granted.  That’s why I collected these colorful shots to add some vibrancy and lightness to my life. Remember,  when your life feels like black and white, make sure that you dream in color.

Colourful pepper colourful pepper

Marrakesh Market in Morocco Marrakesh Market

Courtyard in Cordoba, Spain Courtyard, Cordoba, Spain

Mexican Marketplace Mexican marketplace

Underwater Life underwater life

Mosaic bathroom in Spain (photo by Anthony Lindsey)  (photo by Anthony Lindsey)

Colorful cupcakes cupcakes

Colourful hot air balloon hot air balloon

Umbrellas outside a shop in India Umbrellas outside a shop

Ráquira, Columbia Ráquira, Columbia

Colourful baskets for sale at the local markets at Axum, Ethiopia colourful baskets

Casa Batlló, Barselona, by Yeray Vargas Casa Batlló, Barselona,  by Yeray Vargas

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, Philippines Zamboanga Hermosa Festival

Thailand floating market Thailand floating market

Colourful quilt (design by Jacqueline-de-Jonge) Colourful quilt (design by Jacqueline-de-Jonge)

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