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Top 25 Delicious Coffee Art Examples


coffee beans

My delicious morning coffee… I love every sip of it :) . Everyone who shares my passion and drinks a lot of it, will know this moment. It is your first cup in the morning or the last one at night… or maybe the one the waitress in the cafe gives you and it is perfect. It is the superb balance of coffee and cream and sugar…or just black…but it is just amazingly delicious and it tastes so good. That moment and with every sip life becomes wonderful…This is what a cup of coffee means to me :) .

It brings double pleasure when I see an impressive example of coffee foam art in my cup. You know I mean these awesome figures created by pouring steamed milk into espresso and then swirling or drawing in the top surface. Here are 25 examples of delicious latte art that you would hesitate to drink, just not to mess up the design :)




coffee art

coffee art

coffee art_flower

coffee art_heart

coffee art_hearts

coffee art_hello kitty

coffee art_little cat

coffee art_little paws

Photo credit: CoffeeStencil coffee art_morning buzzz

coffee art_music sign

coffee art_rose

coffee art_smile

coffee art_swirl

coffee art_three little words

Photo credit: CoffeeStencil coffee cat stencil

coffee foam art_cat



colourful latte art

latte art_boy with a dog

Photo credit: funtoosh.com fancy heart coffee

coffee passion

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