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Delicious Geography: Food Maps Project


Food Map of United States

These wonderful pieces of art are made by Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin who created the geographical outlines of countries using different kinds of foods these countries are mostly associated with. I was really impressed by the beauty of Food Maps colours, patterns and design! I assume it took them a lot of time to assemble these masterpieces as they are made of real food :) I would love to taste Australia which looks so mouth-watering! What about you? Feed your eyes and choose the Food Map country you are inspired to try :)

UK and Ireland are made of yummy biscuits Food Map of United Kingdom

South America is represented by all types of citrus Food Map of South America

New Zealand is traditionally a kiwi land Food Map of New ZealandFood Map of New Zealand

Japan … can you guess what is that? Seaweed Food Map of Japan

Italy appeared to be assembled with tomatoes Food Map of Italy

India is the land of different spices Food Map of India

France is a cheesy country Food Map of France

China stands out with different sorts of noodles Food Map of China

Yummy Australia is represented by shrimps Food Map of Australia

And the last one, South Africa is associated with bananas and plantains Food Map of Africa

Can you guess what US is associated with? The featured image above gives you a hint :) US is made of all types of corn. Do you agree with these food interpretations? Or would you like to change something? You are encouraged to share.

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