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Designed Stuff For Our Lovely Pets

Cute Animals

Bambu Daybed Pet Lounge Studios

Having a pet is like having a child and it’s understandable that pet owners often spoil their furry little friends. Today manufacturers of pet products make it even easier as the variety of different designed stuff for our lovely pets is huge. It’s amazing how quickly a pet’s stuff can add up :) Here are some of the most weird and crazy designed items I loved the most:

Bubble urban beddings by Arquipets Bubble Urban Beddings by Arquipets

Caravan dog house caravan dog house

Doogles doogles

Club chair pet bed Club Chair Pet Bed

Dog pod looking like tanning bed dog pod looking like tanning bed

Kooldog modern dog house Kooldog Modern Dog House

Pet high chair Pet High Chair

Dog wine glass Dog Wine Glass

The dogbrella The dogbrella

pEi kitty pod pEi Kitty Pod

Hanging cat cuddle pod hanging cat cuddle pod

Cat Exercise Wheel Cat Exercise Wheel

Two-story modern cat bed from Moderncat Studio Two-story modern cat bed from Moderncat Studio

House designed for cats house designed for cats

PetFusion cat scratcher lounge PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

Unique cat tree by French designer Sinan Sigic elegant inspiration for repurposing with cats in mind

Do you like these stuff? You know my favourite is the bambu pet daybed displayed on the top :) I wouldn’t mind to have such daybed for myself. And what did you like the most?

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Cute Animals