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Specially for Project Exposure, initiated by Saxion

E-Balance team

Our team is a combination of experience and youth. A multicultural team which consists of people with different skills, mindset and diverse views on the same things. But everyone of us has been working for the sake of a common goal — goal to create a nicely-looking, easy-to-play game for kids, and what is more important, the game which carries an absolute educational message.

  • Cas ter Horst — creative part, modeling, texturing
  • Keimpe Snip — creative part, modeling, texturing
  • Huan Hernandez Sanchez — creative part, 2D art, concept art, game designer
  • Jacques Jordaan — technical part, programmer
  • Pavlo Chigishev — technical part, programmer

Game description

E-Balance is a mixture of the interactive funny activity and a mini-educational module for kids. General goal of the game is to clean the planet by means of the alternative energy sources. In our case, we are dealing with geo-thermal factories, which are not that popular as solar panels of wind mills. But in some sense geo-thermal techniques are believed to be more efficient and have much more potential in the future.

Game goal:

  • Game story-wise: Clean as many cities as possible withing game time
  • Education-wise: Teach kids about alternative energy and the basics of its functionality

Target audience:

  • Kids of age 8-14
  • But also would be useful for some grown-ups to raise their awareness :)

Target device:

  • All types of touch-screen devices (PC’s, tablets, mobiles)
  • Also can be adjusted to run on devices with mouse input

Game play parts:

  1. Scan the globe and try to find some hot spots where geo-thermal factory potentially can be built. (Volcanoes, geezers etc.)
  2. Once you find a proper spot — try to complete a drilling game which goal is to collect all pipe pars to restore the broken pipe.
  3. If you succeeded in the previous step, you can connect a newly built geo-thermal factory to the closest city.

E-Balance in pictures (:








E-Balance in motion

Just check it out, people!

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