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Epic Wedding Moments


bride with bridemaids

Every wedding is definitely a magical and unique event filled with happy and joyful moments! Especially I love unplanned, unexpected moments that weddings bring, they’re often the most special! Here is the sweet collection of the most epic wedding moments which happened on wedding parties in different parts of the world. Hope that these lovely pictures will put a smile on your face :)

wedding preparation

curly girl

wedding preparation process

trying the wedding veil

applying the finishing touch

duck faces

checking the pulse before the ceremony


ironing the shoe strings

funny wedding moment

keep up, man

let the music rule

look at the groom's face


telephone is in priority

catching the wedding bouquet


hello to newlyweds


I did it

just look at the face of that

epic weeding moment

having rest at the dancing floor


let the whole world wait while you are kissing

epic wedding shot

epic wedding

enough hugging

piggy on the wedding party

epic moment

bride and grandmother

weeding is a big fun

bride and pigeon

I just want to lick a bit

hey, give me a sip

And what’s your favourite wedding moment? Feel free to share below :)