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Fork and Spoon Art


Fork napkins holder

I am just amazed how talented some people are. It goes without saying that forks and spoons are the usual kitchen utensils we use every day… but it has never come to my mind that it’s possible to create the amazing pieces of art out of them! It turns out that it’s quite possible and there are no boundaries for creativity.

Judson Jennings, the artist from North Salt Lake, Utah, is the talent who creates unique sculptures and figures out of simple spoons and forks. His silverware artworks look really functional and genuinely useful. My favourite item is the salt and pepper shakers holder, but I believe everybody can find something special. And now the best part: the prices are quite affordable, ranging from $27 to $82, depending on design. So, if you are looking for a cool and affordable gift idea, go directly to this site forkedupart.com. Here is the small collection of unique fork and spoon art works I am talking about:

Utensils cup — spoon utensil cup - spoon

Toothpick stand — fork toothpick stand - fork

Table topper Table topper

iPad stand spoon iPad Stand Spoon

iPad stand fork i-pad stand fork

Toothpick stand spoon Toothpick Stand Spoon

Can fork stand can fork stand

Fork toothpicks holder Fork Toothpicks holder

Fork glass stand Fork Glass Stand

Fork salt and pepper shakers holder Fork Salt and Pepper Shakers Holder

Double shot spoon stand double shot spoon

Cookbook holder spoon cookbook holder spoon

Candy dish holder spoon candy dish holder spoon

Bathroom butler spoon Bathroom butler spoon

Wine bottle bull rider fork wine bottle bull rider fork

Spoon and fork art gallery spoon and fork art

Here are some other creative ways to use forks and spoons in your home design and not only:

Silverware coat hooks Silverware Coat Hooks

Fork earrings Fork earrings

Fork drawers pulls Fork drawers pulls

Fork bracelets Fork bracelets

Spoon and fork art gallery spoon and fork art

Guys, which one do you like the best? The fork or the spoon?