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Funny Mobile Apps that Everyone Should Have


Laugh your way though these iPhone Apps


Avid smartphone owners often use their apps to organise their lives, update their social media networks, and to document the world around them via a vast array of photographs. But smartphones also serve their purpose when it comes time to relaxing and winding down, allowing us to play mobile games, and browse for things that entertain us.

There’s a perception that we only play games and access entertainment apps when we’re bored, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Statistics posted in an article on AlchemyBet, the gaming company that launched mobile casino pocket fruity, revealed that mobile games are mostly played at home on the couch, on public transport, while waiting for an appointment, home in bed, or in front of the TV. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but it seems like rummaging through mobile apps has become something of a reflex in today’s society.

If you’re yet to discover how to use your smartphone for fun (poor you!), then don’t worry, because LikeFun has you covered. Here are three funny apps that should keep you entertained throughout those idle moments:


9GAG — the home of internet memes and one of the most-visited websites to date. If you haven’t heard of it (what rock have you been living under?), the website is a social media network that allows users to upload and share images, videos, and animated GIFs from all over the internet. Four years after its launch in 2008, the website has become one of the best sources of laughs known to man, and their mobile app is no different. Free to download, the app lets users browse through the latest uploads on the site, and even filter them based on their corresponding categories.


The world-famous social news and entertainment website is now an iPhone app! With the way that mobile internet is progressing, it’s really no surprise that last month there were more visits through mobile web than online, with over 246 million mobile internet visits in comparison to the under 140 million online visits. Even though the GIFs from the website and app strangely take a little longer to load than the videos, people have found themselves addicted to the viral videos and silly quizzes that BuzzFeed has become known for.


Reddit Pics HD
Reddit is another favourite online source of entertainment. It’s an online forum with topics that can range from science to anything fun. It ranks as one of the top online communities, and according to Expanded Ramblings, as of last month, Reddit had 113.5 million monthly users. Reddit Pics HD is a database of all the hilarious photos from the forum, which are guaranteed to keep you in stitches.

The next time you’re feeling down, or simply just want a good dose of hilarity, just unlock your smartphone and get to browsing through these three apps!