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Perfect Getaway For a Day: Colmar


Colmar canals

If you are looking for an exciting getaway to brighten up your weekend, Colmar, a small town in France, would make a perfect option. It’s just 480 km from Brussels (app. 5-6 hours by car). You can also reach Colmar by train either from Strasbourg or Basel through direct connections (see the map below).

So, what is so special about this charming town? I would say everything: gorgeous half-timbered buildings, antique cars, beautiful canal-side restaurants serving tasty food, lots of gift shops and hanging flowers… you know it’s like a petite Venice.

Colmar is also famous for its wine and wonderful food. The traditional dish is the Tarte flambee, something like pizza topped with crème, cheese, lardons and onions. You can make a perfect afternoon in Colmar, enjoying your meal at the canal-side restaurant and watching the boats passing by.

By the way, Frederic Bartholdi the sculptor, who designed New York’s Statue of Liberty, was born here.
So, as you see Colmar is a place worth visiting for sure!

Colmar on a map

The beautiful Colmar. France

architeture in Colmar

Colmar -Centreville

Colmar hanging flowers

Piece of beautiful France

Colmars city life

Petite Venice

typical Colmar houses

Colmars Little Venice Area

Colmar Park

half timbered houses in Colmar


Colmar in winter

Colmar night lights

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