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Google maps secrets


Google maps secrets

Everybody of us has at least once browsed Google Maps or Google Earth to find some exotic destinations or to check out some places where one’s been or travelled. But have you ever noticed some strange or weird things in google maps? There are obviously lots of them! For example a man with dead body in Holland or some strange signs in Peru! Here is a small collection of screenshot from Google maps with position data attached :) Funny pictures! Try to check this funny stuff out by yourself!

Coca cola, Chile 18 31’45.15″S, 70 15’0.0″W
coca cola Chile

Dead body and a man. Almere, Holland 52.376552, 5.198308
dead body and man Almere Holland

40 years after world war II victory. Kemerovo region, Russia 53 20’26.15″, 87 10’32.86″
40 years after world war II victory Kemerovo region Russia

An arrow with «Z». Peru 16 34’30.06″S, 71 48’4.37″W
arrow with Z Peru

Movie shooting. CA, USA 37.7908, -122.3229
movie shooting CA USA

Firefox. Oregon, USA 45.123656, -123.114767
firefox oregon USA

100 years Lenin. Kurgan region, Russia 54 28’6.32″, 64 47’48.20″
Kurgan region Russia 100 years Lenin

Lion, United Kingdom 51 50’55.00″N, 0 33’15.98″W
lion United Kingdom

Lots of signs, Peru 17 58’20.55″S, 70 14’12.89″W
lots of signs Peru

Turkey Flag, Cyprus 35 16’58.59″N, 33 22’33.40″E
Turkey Flag Cyprus

Some lines, China 40.452107, 93.742118
some lines China

Pink bunny, Italy 44 14’39.45″, 7 46’10.32″
pink bunny Italy

UFO, Romania 45 42’11.97″N, 21 18’7.81″E
UFO Romania

Undefined creature, Chile 19 56’56.76″S, 69 38’2.08″W
undefined creature Chile

Zone 52. CA, USA 37.401437, -116.86773
zone 52 CA USA

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