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Ice Hotel In Sweden: Trip of a Lifetime


Icehotel entrance

Have you ever seen the hotel made of the mix of ice and snow? I haven’t yet but I do know the place where you can view it. That’s in Sweden, in small village called Jukkasjärvi, a bit difficult to pronounce, but anyway that’s somewhere near Lapland area. In a word, there is a unique ICE HOTEL there which is a must-see seasonal attraction in Sweden built every winter from scratch.

Sculptors and artists from all over the world gather there to create exclusive suits using only snow and ice from the Torne river. Every winter around 50,000 tourists from all over the world visit the Ice Hotel to enjoy the serenity, to see the northern lights and experience a number of other interesting activities just in 200 km from the Arctic Circle.

In the middle of April the hotel begins to melt and gradually the water return into the river. So, every year the hotel is built again and again gaining the exclusive and unique appearance every time. You are welcome the enjoy the Ice Hotel suits of 2012/2013 period:



Virgin Suit

White Water

Cubic Suit

Iceberg Suit

Nest Suit

Rain Suit


icebar in IceHotel

ice glasses

Ice bar

Flower Suit

Eternity Suit

Cold and Crazy Suit

Dragon Suit

Absinth Suit

Blue Marine Suit

These beautiful photos are taken by Paulina Holmgren. By the way, if you would like to visit this hotel, feel free to check their site here. I haven’t been there yet, but if somebody has already made this trip of a lifetime, please share your feelings with us :) .