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Kagga Kamma: Unique Cave Resort in South Africa


Kagga Kamma Cave Resort, Cederberg Mountains, South Africa

Kagga Kamma ia a unique cave resort located in South Africa, near Ceres, Western Cape area (app. thee hours from Cape Town). If you have some plans for African safari, then Kagga Kamma would make the ideal add-on. It’s actually a private game reserve that was once home to the traditional Bushmen. So, quite possible you will see some Bushman rock paintings or rock art of up to 6000 years old!

Moreover, this area is famous for its fascinating rock formations, untouched scenic beauty and everlasting tranquillity. So, this is ideal place to escape from the city traffic and rush to peace and serenity. Enjoy!

South Africa, map

Kagga Kamma, cave resort reception

Kagga Kamma, cave suits

Kagga Kamma, bar

Kagga Kamma, cave room

Cave Resort Kagga Kamma, interior

Kagga Kamma, cave suit inside

Kagga Kamma, open air bedroom

Kagga Kamma, cave resort room

Kagga Kamma, cave suit

Kagga Kamma, cave rooms, exterior

Kagga Kamma private game


Kagga Kamma resort

Kagga Kamma, private game resort

Kagga Kamma, South Africa

Kagga Kamma, landscape

Kagga Kamma, rocks

If you are interested in rates, feel free to visit the site. By the way, the photos are taken from there.

Guys, if anybody was there, please share how does it feel to sleep in cave suit :)