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What To Do When Love Hurts


Love Hurts Case

Do you remember this feeling when your heart is broken and seems like no remedy will cure it? I remember those painful times very good and I wish I had this magical first-aid kit to recover and mend my broken heart.

Actually it’s called Love Hurts (it is!) and is created by Melanie Chernock, a talented graphic designer based in New York. The lovely case includes the small things, we, girls, need to go through these painful days of failed relationship: dark chocolate, vodka, a candle with matches, bubble bath, candy hearts with choice words, a mix CD, and a pack of tissues.

Heartbrakes are definitely inevitable, but with this emergency kit at hand at least you can take comfort, lit the candle, eat chocoate and take a bubble bath…it makes the life look in brighter colors, doesn’t it?

Love Hurts Emergency Kit


Love Hurts_candies

Love Hurts by Melanie Chernock

Love Hurts First Aid Kit

dark chocolate_Love Hurts Kit

CD Mix

Love Hurts Kit

Photo credit: melaniechernock.com

Girls, would you like to have such a heartbrake emergency kit?