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Passion For Peacocks

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peacock feather with dew

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and it symbolizes beauty, royalty and pride. But did you know that only males have this amazing colorful train? Yes, indeed, and they use it to grab females attention while raising the tail into the air. Peacocks are polygamous by nature and they usually have 2-5 females. Interesting that they can’t live alone as they feel lonely and heartbroken if there is no companionship around.

I just love these birds for their rainbow feather colors and would love to share some of the best photos with you :)

beautiful peacock

emerald peacock colors

Stunning Peacock! ~ Photographed By Keri Fines 2012

peacock crown

amazing peacock colors

peacock chicks

blue peacock

proud peacock

peacock inspiration

peacock feathers

peacock beauty

peacock feather

peacock close

peacock ~ living rainbow


Peacock (photo by kateibrown2012)

peacock, proud bird

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