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Pets With Their Toy Copies

Cute Animals

animals with their toy copies

Just recently I noticed a new trend on the web — pets with their stuffed counterparts which sometimes look like real toy copies. Our little cuties love their toys so much and carry them around as if they were their babies. Here is the portion of lovely photos of of funny cats, funny dogs and other pets with their toy babies :)

sleeping cat with his toy cat

bunny with a toy bunny


cat with its toy

where is the pet?

animals with their toy copies

adorable dog with his pet

real bear with toy bear

piggy with its toy

cat with its stuffed kitty

doggy with his stuffed counterpart

cutie with its stuffed copy

doggy with his pet

animals with their toy copies

cute pets with stuffed animal

little penguin with its toy

animals with their toy copies2

little hedgehog with his toy

white cat with a little white toy

little cute animals

squirrel with a stuffed squirrel

hilarious cat with bunny ears

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Cute Animals