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Rock Your Feelings in Amsterdam


Noord Holland Province, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of  the cities you must visit before you die.  No other city has yet rocked my feelings as much as Amsterdam did last week.  I loved everything about this city:  its cozy atmosphere and open-minded people,  crazy bicycle riders and modern blue trams.  Especially I liked grand canals with floating boats which added unique character to the city.

Before going to this city I heard that the Dutch are famous for their architecture and …. they are indeed!  I couldn’t feed my eyes with quirky shapes of their bold color buildings which looked like doll houses for me.  This is especially vivid in the old city center.

And two more things I would like to mention about Amsterdam are floating flower markets and coffee shops.  Seems like this city is flooded with tulips and cozy cafes where light weed and magic mushrooms make wonders :)

Ok, let photos speak instead of me, so enjoy and try to feel Amsterdam with all your senses!

the Netherlands map

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Photo credit: Michelle Yam the iconic I Amsterdam letters

Photo credit: Sara Winter Photography windmills


looks like doll houses

Photo credit: Sara Winter Photography Sara Winter Photography - Amsterdam at night

Amsterdam canal

ship, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Red Light District

People on bicycles in Amsterdam

Amsterdam - reflection in water

Photo credit: Sara Winter Photography Sara Winter photography - tulips

Amsterdam at night city lights

Amsterdam at sunrise


Holland cheese, the Netherlans

Photo credit: Sara Winter Photography tulip season in Amsterdam

Photo credit: Sara Winter Photography Sara Winter photography - Windmill

boats serve as houses in Amsterdam

Amazing Amsterdam

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