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25 Hilarious Sleeping Dogs

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sleeping puppy

Dogs are hilarious when caught sleeping and having sweet dreams during a nap! But they are at their cutest when they snore and sleep in their own weird way still feeling comfortably. That’s the case with these 25 funny sleeping dogs and puppies who can make your day:

sleepy dog

yawning dog

sleeping dogs

so sweet sleeping dog

funny sleeping dog

sleeping puppies

sleeping doggy

funny sleeping dog

sleeping dog and cat

sleeping bulldog

sleeping boxer dog

dog having quick nap

having sweet dreams

English bulldog having a nap

doggy having a nap

dog sleeping in a car

dog having a quick nap

dog having a nap

complete relax during a quick nap

bulldogs having a nap

bulldog puppy

chihuahua sleeping

Boston terrier

dog sleeping

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