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Unforgettable Royal Experiences in Copenhagen


Copenhagen, the Danish capital, is a truly Nordic city with a vibrant atmosphere and amazing cultural scene. Everything in this city, from fascinating grand architecture to modern gourmet restaurants, makes a perfect blend of old and new. Danish people like to sit outside, enjoying the sun beams while sipping a creamy cappuccino and observing passers-by or cyclists, who lazily pedal around. Indeed, the Danish cycling culture is a very good indication of a green and sustainable society the Danes are striving to build.

Christiansborg Palace,Copenhagen

It goes without saying that Copenhagen has a lot of exciting royal experiences to offer, so be prepared to discover some of them!

As Denmark is a home to one of the world’s oldest monarchies, the royal capital has a number of beautiful castles worth visiting. The first one is the the Amalienborg Palace with its luxurious private interiors and royal chic. It is used as a winter residence of the Danish royal family. As you move from one room to another, it feels like you are taking the journey through the royal lifetime. By the way, if you see the flag on top of the castle, it means that the royal family members are at home.

Amalienborg castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amalienborg Castle guard, Copenhagen

Amalienborg castle

Amalienborg castle, queen's dresses

Tip! Every day at the inner yard of the castle you can witness the changing of the Royal Danish Guard at 12:00 noon. The Guard leaves its barracks at Rosenborg Castle at approximately 11:30 and marches through the city to Amalienborg Palace.

Royal Danish Guard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Another royal gem is the Rosenborg Castle. Initially it was built 400 years ago as a pleasure palace. The exhibition is structured as a journey along the royal lineage as you stroll from the basement with the numerous art treasuries displayed to the upper floors, experiencing marvelous historical interiors.

Rosenborg castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosenborg Castle park, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosenborg Castle interior

Rosenborg Castle treasury

The main highlight is of course the Great Hall with the two thrones guarded by the silver lions.

Rosenborg castle inside

Finally, absolutely gorgeous is the Christiansborg Palace which is still used for the official occasions. Here you can imagine yourself attending royal reception, as you stroll from the Library, to the Dining Hall, the Great Hall and the Throne Room, richly decorated with the finest materials and tapestries. Moreover, it is also possible to visit the royal stables and enjoy the view of the royal carriages and horses. Finally, you can also go underground and discover the ruins revealed recently by accident, or pay a visit to the Royal Kitchen and have a unique look behind the scenes of the royal parties and celebrations.

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tip! guided tour in English is provided daily at 15.00 and it is free of charge when regular admission has been paid.

Christiansborg Palace interior, Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace throne hall, Copenhagen

Tip! at the entrance to the castle you can get free access to the tower (106m high) and enjoy the beautiful city view.

Christiansborg Palace Tower, Copenhagen

Christiansborg Castle tower view

After fabulous royal experiences it is time to have some rest and take a canal tour in order to discover beautiful harbor and canals. Tour round trips depart from Gammel Strand 26 (which is just opposite the Christiansborg Palace) or Nyhavn (the old harbour district). The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy some breathtaking views of the city from another perspective.

canal tour Copenhagen

Copenhagen, old harbour

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen Nyhavn

Below is a Copenhagen royal library called Black Diamond due to its black glass water reflection. You will pass it by when taking a canal tour!

Black Diamond, Copenhagen royal library

Amazing royal capital, isn’t it? We hope that have given you that inspirational drive to choose Copenhagen as your next travel destination! More exciting discoveries in Copenhagen will follow :)