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Welcome to Oceania

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Welcome to Oceania — the earthy heaven!

Morning mates! Today I’m gonna share with you a small collection of video compilations about four beautiful countries in Oceania — amazing Pacific region!
I suppose some of you live there and I bet the rest are waiting for the moment to step into this paradise. :)


oceania map

So pals, we’ll start right from the beautiful Island of New Zealand — a dream and desirable destination of many people :)

The next stop will be in Australia, the continent and a country at the same time. Wonderful landscapes and seaside views :)

To go on, we’ll move to the North — to mystic and mysterious Island of Papua New Guinea, land of Jungles :)

And finally — the last stop of our oceanic journey — French Polynesia with its famous Island Bora-Bora!

We hope you really enjoyed this travel stuff and we’ll appreciate your support in your favourite social networks! :)

Funny Videos